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Olde Garage Door Repair Near Me

Olde Garage Door Repair Near Me
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Garage Door Repair Services

Diminished Garage Door Speed

If your garage door starts opening and closing much slower than it did when you first got it, or the reaction time is highly delayed, it might mean you need a new motor, spring replacements or a brand new garage door.

Door Safety Issues

Your garage door may seem light, but it’s heavy enough to create serious injury if it falls or closes too quickly. Look for signs including opening or closing too fast or slow, grating sounds, slipping in the gears or tracks, or if it doesn’t reverse when the safety sensor triggers.

Noisy Garage Door

If your garage door is making any noise that’s out of the ordinary – including clunking, squeaking, grinding or clinking – it’s a sign that your garage door may be damaged or in need of replacement. Our technicians will evaluate the operational standards of your door to determine if it’s a simple repair or something more.

Unsightly Appearance

Garage doors offer more than function — form is also essential. Garage doors can make a tremendous impact on the look and value of your home. An outdated, dented, or discolored garage door could actually devalue your property value.


An Expert Residential Garage Door Company

If expert local garage door services are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. With Titan’s experienced garage door technicians, you’re one call away from access to the variety of skills our employees possess. We can repair and install doors for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, and your work will be backed by a full warranty.

What Says
I was very impressed with the service I received from this garage repair company. They were prompt, professional, and efficient in fixing my car. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of garage repairs.
I was very pleased with the service I received from this garage repair company. They were knowledgeable and able to fix my car's problem quickly. The staff were also very friendly and helpful.
I was in a bind and needed my car fixed ASAP, this garage repair company came through for me. They were able to fix my car the same day and at a very reasonable price. I am extremely satisfied with their service.
I had a great experience with this garage repair company. They were able to diagnose and fix my car's issue quickly and at a fair price. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. I would definitely use them again.

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